Tour De Coop

Welcome. This is the pen where our chickens and chicken coop are housed. It has taken some time to get to where we are today, but we’re happy with the progress.

03222016 Coop Pen

This is how our coop started in July 2014. The roof lifted on hinges and the door opens for easy clean out. The waterer is a 5 gallon bucket attached to a nipple system. The feeder is a U-Shaped PVC pipe with feeder holes.

07272014 Coop

A few months later we added the back half. It now serves as the coop entrance. The earth floor is reinforced with concrete around the perimeter to protect them from raccoon and possum digging under it. The coop has a solar powered chicken door that opens at sunrise and closes at sunset, courtesy of ChickenDoors.Com.

11082014 Coop SideLater, we changed the slant of the first roof and added a small, separate pen on the side for introducing new chicks. 07212015 Coop Post ConstructionThe chick pen has a removable door (dark wooden square in picture below). While the chicks are small, we leave the door on so they don’t get beat up by the grown chickens. Once the chicks are big enough to mingle, we take the door off and the chicks can go into the main part of the coop, then out the automatic door to graze in the yard.











We put in a deer feeder to feed the girls when we go out of town.

Gold SexlinkWe now have 10 chicks and 11 chickens. We are happy with our coop and our chickens and shouldn’t have to make changes to it any time soon.




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