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We have been busy.
Gandules packet

After posting some Gandules seeds and mealworms online for sale, we quickly sold out of everything. mealiesSo, we are going to expand a little. We are growing lots of plants, collecting seeds and expanding our mealworm setup. I have been busy redoing the website to make it more business-like and easier to navigate. I’ll continue doing monthly updates. Feel free to leave comments and email us with any advice or questions.

We had a sad day a few weeks ago when a fox attacked our chickens, killing 6. RIP CrossThank goodness for our neighbor. If she wouldn’t have run over, we would have lost them all. fox attack Luckily, we still have 5 layers left. Our 10 baby chicks should start laying in October. The sudden decrease in eggs has been rough.

This week, we began creating planters out of railroad ties. It is nice to have the plants contained in different areas. It’s been feeling pretty scattered around here. Tilling Front Corner

Brad rigged up a pump for the pond! With the flick of a switch, we have pond water shooting from a garden hose. This is very exciting! It’s nice to have an endless supply of water. The pressure is perfect, strong enough to hook up a sprinkler to it. Game Changer. pond pump

Thanks for following. Keep checking in on the site to watch us grow!


Chicken Little Cocoa

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 We raise chickens.

We grow food.

We grow hundreds of edible plants

And pollinator plants.

We hunt for bugs and fish.

We collect seeds.

We raise mealworms

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