Pre Spring Planning

We’ve been prepping for spring.

The beds are mulched with leaves and wood chips.

We like weeds around here. They are great greens for the chickens.

Seeds and cuttings are spread around the yard.

The chickens free range around the pond and have eaten anything green. We sowed several types of seeds there and now havesprouts everywhere. Tomatoes, black eyed peas, mung beans, green beans, cucumbers, squash, peppers, gandules, false roselle, goji berries, pumpkins, lettuce, kale, herbs, sunflowers…to name a few.

The chickens are confined to their pen so everything can grow. Then we will let them back out occasionally to eat and fertilize.

I lay bags of topsoil in a low lying spot by the shop and they become full of earthworms. Easiest way to raise earthworms.

Our aquaponics setup is still in action. To the right is a seed starting area where we just started 3 different varieties of tomatoes.

We have fun harvesting seeds. It’s a cool way to multiply our supply of plants, and we sell the excess seeds.

I have started working on the PLANTS page to provide info about our plants.

Here are Okinawa Spinach seedlings we started from seed’s we harvested.

We are excited about Uncle Bill the Crayfish.

We had our first plant sale last week! I am proud of Colt. This was a great kick start for Chicken Little Cocoa!

We have already started working hard to get ready for our next one! April 8th! In the meantime, if you come across any pots you do not need, we will take them!!

Stay tuned.

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