Mung Beans

AKA Vigna radiata, green gram, moong bean

Plant Details

Mung beans are a warm weather crop. They will die in the frost and struggle in the extreme heat. Depending on the variety, the vines can grow anywhere from 1-5 feet tall. The seeds I have produce plants approximately 1 foot tall.



Mung beans require a little more attention than its close relative the Cow Pea.


Mung bean flowers are self-pollinating. The seeds can be green, yellow, black or brown and vary in size and shape (round to oblong).




  • Grow your Mung Beans into edible sprouts in just 3-4 days. These sprouts are one of the most highly consumed sprouts around the world. Used in Egg Foo Young. When growing, sprout them in the DARK for best flavor.
  • The dry beans can be cooked.
  • The greens can be fed to livestock.