October Blooms

Thankfully, Hurricane Matthew missed us. I did not have to start all over again!

The Pepper Trees fell over in the coop. Most people would have chopped these invasive trees down, but they protect our chickens from the hawks, so we pulled them back up and staked them into place.

It’s a great feeling, going from thinking I was going to lose everything to seeing everything in bloom.

I’ve been planting Cranberry Hibiscus cuttings along the fence. They are in bloom and beautiful! This is a great plant to have around the yard. It can be used in salads, to make tea and the chickens love it.


Both varieties of sweet potatoes are in bloom. The vines spread fast, the potatoes are edible and our chickens love to eat the leaves. 2-sweet-potatoes-in-bloom

It’s a girl! Meaning this papaya plant is going to bear fruit. I threw a bunch of papaya seeds around the property a few months ago and I’m beginning to see many of them sprouting in random places…


The Starfruit is once again in bloom!

All 6 cloves of garlic we planted have sprouted. That’s Broad Leaf Thyme on the right and Garlic Chives on the left.

We’ve watched the majority of our tadpoles turn into frogs and go free in the yard. We still have about 25 tadpoles left in the aquarium. We also added some minnows from the pond, 4 goldfish and two baby yellow belly turtles.


In addition to our mosquito catching frogs, we bought one of these Mosquito Magnets. It converts propane to CO2 that attracts mosquitoes, then a vacuum sucks them into this handy little carrying case.


Every year around this time, a friendly Muscovy duck or two shows up at our pond. Last year it was Ducker, who laid eggs all over our roof. Here are our guests this year.


Thanks for checking in! See you next month.

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