New beginnings!

The Strawberry and Mulberry trees are producing a lot of fruit.

Several passion fruits are almost ready,

the avocados are starting,

and the papayas.

We’ve picked buckets of gandules. Some we eat, some we sell and the rest get tossed around the yard.

Here’s our harvest this week! The sweet and gold potatoes are from here. The rest was grown by TT at her place.

As goes our Easter tradition, we bought 12 more chicks. They should be laying eggs in a couple months. 

This makes 25 chickens. There has been something trying to get in our coop at night and our next door neighbor caught these pics on their game cam, so far, so good. Nothing since the fox attack last summer.

And finally, the 50+ gallon fish and turtle tank is up and running. A new aquaponics setup is in the planning stages…and Brad’s in on it, so it’s going to be amazing.


Thanks for reading and for all your support.

Chicken Little Cocoa




7 thoughts on “New beginnings!


      Thanks! You’ve inspired me with your vases. I have them around the house now too.

      1. theshrubqueen

        Thanks and I love it.Wasn’t really my idea an English garden blogger started it. Have you seen the meme? Rambling in the. Garden hosts In a vase on Monday every week you can see vases from all over the world.


      Thanks! I overlooked this comment. So cool, it’s amazing how much we learn through gardening. Thanks for reading.


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