Life (and death) on the Patio

I was really bummed to see this…

While I was wondering what we did wrong, Colt noticed he was still in the tank.  He just molted and was bigger and bluer than before!

During a bug hunt, we found a bunch of passion vine caterpillars

and ladybug larvae.

Before we could get them back to the bug aquarium, the ladybug larvae was eating one of the baby caterpillars. Oops. 

The bigger caterpillars have started turning into chrysalis. Once they become butterflies we will let them go. This way, we still have butterflies but the plants don’t get eaten.

As if we don’t have enough bugs, we bought some praying mantis eggs. They caught us off guard and hatched the next day. Some are in the bug aquarium, some on the aquaponics plants and the rest are in the yard. This picture is only half of them…

Colt saw a wall covered in land snails, ladybug larvae and ladybugs. We couldn’t resist, and took a few home to the bug aquarium. Ladybugs don’t do well in captivity, so we release them too.

We finally learned the name of this fish by posting a video of him on a fish site. A darter fish. It darts around rather than swims and is super aggressive towards the other fish. He is one of my favorites and we have about 5 of them. Click here to see what else we have in our aquaponics tank.

Our new business cards arrived just in time for the plant sale! Thanks to Vanessa at for knocking them out so quickly and doing an awesome job!

The plant sale was a success!! Colt rocked it again. It makes me so proud to watch him in action. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for the next one! We have so many cool things in the works.

Denise and Colt

4 thoughts on “Life (and death) on the Patio


      They’re fun! Not sure if they’re like water snails, but the ones in our aquarium multiply quickly…

  1. elizabethlistello

    Same here- we did praying mantis ?larava when I was a kid and then got to follow all the cool mantis-action in the back yard!!! We get ladybugs COVERING eastern walls in the fall on warm days- one last hurrah, I guess. LOVE all the action at ChickenLittle! Go Colt!!!! (Go Denise!!! 😉 )


      Bugs are fun. I cant wait to start finding the adult mantis in the yard. I put some babies on my aphid covered kale plant and the next morning, the aphids we ALL gone! We find dragonfly nymphs in the pond too. They usually end up being eaten by the fish in our aquarium…but we have a new aquarium in the works…


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