It’s that time again…

Time to trim back the oak trees again.limbs-back limbs-front

The shop is still full of firewood, so this time, we rented a 12″ wood chipper and mulched it into two 5 foot tall mounds of mulch.


Wood chips are a valuable resource and we are fortunate to have a constant supply. It is key to improving our soil quality.

I have been wheelbarrowing it out of the coop, into the planters, around the trees and along the fence. It is labor intensive, but once it’s in place, the mulch does all the work. It keeps weeds down, improves the soil, encourages earthworms and beneficial organisms, holds in moisture, adds carbon…all kinds of good stuff.


I mulched the plants running along the fence: red hibiscus, sweet potatoes, gandules, papayas, tomatoes, pomegranates, passion fruit vine and Colt’s Poinciana tree.

It is rainy season again too. We had 4.5 inches in one night and 3.5 inches a few days later. The pond overflowed and the field flooded, as it usually does with lots of rain. No worries.


I like it when the field floods. It’s fun to watch all the birds.
birds-0915We saved these tadpoles from becoming bird snacks.


The tadpoles have joined our mealworm friends on the back patio. When they become frogs, we’ll let them go to eat mosquitoes.

We use the mealworms as lizard and chicken snacks. The lizards are entertaining to watch, and they eat bugs (mosquitoes)…so we bribe them to hang around.


This month, we continue to plant beans…Cow peas, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans, lentils…when gardening, it doesn’t get much easier than cow peas.

These are the Purple Cow Peas I planted 2 months ago, aka Black Eyed Peas.


You can eat the beans whenever! I eat them right out of the pod when green or purple: they’re good on salads.

Or, like Gandules, you can leave the pods on the plant to dry. Dried peas can be cooked or planted.


Thanks for checking in!

Chicken Little Cocoa

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      We’ll do even better than that!…setting up the Gopro and will have a time lapse video for ya! Takes 7 weeks from tadpole to frog.

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