Hatching Chicks

So, we tried our hand at hatching chicks.

We didn’t do so well. Out of 8 eggs, only 1 hatched. Some may not have been fertile, but we also messed with them more than you are supposed to.

This is the lone survivor.


















Chickens are social, so we had to go out and get it some friends. 

They were raised up in a plastic tub for a few weeks under a heat lamp.

Then they were ready to go to their new home. 

We keep the chicks in an enclosed pen, overlooking the other chickens. 
And here she is today, 2.5 months old.Now the chicks are free to roam with the big chickens. A couple more months and we will find out if our chick is a hen (girl) or a rooster (boy).

Click here for more info on our coop setup

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2 thoughts on “Hatching Chicks

    1. chickenlittlecocoa@gmail.com

      Thanks! We were a little too excited. We candled them a lot…I guess you’re supposed to just let them alone. Hoping some of these chicks are roosters so we can hatch some of our own.


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