Gandules AKA Pigeon Peas

Gandules trees are easy and fast to grow.


Plant your gandules seeds in a dry location. Once established, gandules have a long taproot that digs deep underground reaching water and nutrients. Hence, they don’t need much water.

Gandules become fairly large trees and only live 5-7 years, with the best production in the early years. So be prepared to chop it down one day. The long taproot will enhance your soil as it decomposes and releases all those nutrients it dug so deep to get. Then, use the nutrient rich leaves and branches for mulch. Win. Win. 

Planting the seeds:

Poke a hole in the ground with a pencil and drop in a seed or 2 or 3. Done. 

Cover with dirt. Water every once in awhile. 

Germination time (how long until it sprouts): 5-10 days.


Once germinated, Gandules seedlings grow SLOWLY until it gets about a foot tall… then they grow more rapidly. Mine grow 3-5 feet each year.

They have beautiful flowers and attract lots of polinators.

Gandules FlowerThe flowers turn into seed pods.Flower to PodIf you want raw beans, pick the pods when they’re green and plump. Gandules Green Pod on Tree

Gandules Green Ripe Seeds in PodOr you can leave the pods on the tree to dry.Gandules PodsGandules Stages of PodsThe dry seeds can be cooked or planted.Gandules Dry Seeds

There are over 11,000 varieties of gandules. I have several, as seen above by the different colors and shapes of seeds.

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