The Chicken Little Family

Welcome to Chicken Little Cocoa!

We are located on over 2 acres in Central Florida where we have taken on a lot of projects and responsibilities.  It is important for us to expose our boys to different hobbies and ways of life as well as the importance of hard work, money, learning and surviving.

Colt is Chicken Little.


He works hard and plays hard.

He is an awesome big brother to the newest member on the farm, Jax.

2016-01-28 19.30.00

Jax was born on October 25, 2015. He surprised us all when we learned he has Down syndrome and a heart defect. Five months later, we made it through the hurdles of his open heart surgery as well as the rough task of defining our new normal. 

If you are a new mother or father to a child with Down syndrome, congrats, you hit the jackpot. It’s such an amazing, life changing experience.


It teaches you to appreciate and value the little, simple things in life. It is these things that make us happy. I look forward to living with this new outlook as well as this opportunity to share our journey with you all.

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