Chickens are great to help generate rich soil.

Their constant scratching speeds up the decomposition process.chicken-biomass

They also provide food. On average, each chicken lays one egg a day.

We usually have between 20 and 25 hens, no roosters.

Fresh eggs are really hard to peel. I use this egg cooker here.

Chickens are fairly easy to care for.

They need a predator proof home.

Our coop is reinforced with concrete so nothing can dig under it.

We have an automatic chicken door from this site. It opens in the morning and closes at night. We don’t even have to let the chickens in and out.

See more of our coop here.

Chick InnDon’t be fooled by the labels on your egg cartons. These are Cage Free chickens.

cage free

And some caged Chickens