Here is our small 20 gallon aquaponics setup on our screened in back patio in Central Florida, zone 9b. The water temperature fluctuates between 65 and 80, there is a 12 hour heat lamp for the turtles to bask in, a grow light, an automatic fish feeder and mealworms to the right.


We have bottom feeding ghost shrimp. They are clear and grey.

Uncle Bill the crayfish hangs out in his pineapple during the day and is very active at night. He eats anything. I’ve caught him eating a pleco and bream, but he doesn’t seem to bother the ghost shrimp.

We have 2 large snails. They eat greens, algae and scavenge on the bottom of the tank. Snails multiply really fast and come in all different shapes and sizes.

We also keep a lot of little snails, beetles, dragonfly nymphs and this Toe Biter or Water Scorpion.

We always have at least 20 mosquito-fish minnows which eventually end up being food for the crayfish or the yellow belly slider turtles.

There are several darter fish. They hang out on the bottom of the tank. I have seen them attack ghost shrimp and minnows, scavenge dead fish and swim to the top to eat fish food pellets

The 4 Comet Goldfish have become to big for the tank and have been moved to a 50 gallon rain barrel in the back yard.



























Check back frequently to see the new additions to the tank.

Updated 04/20/2017